Dayflash By Switness
Simple, fun and beautiful...

Enjoy photo and short video sharing—that’s faster and more fun.

Dayflash is a free mobile application that offers a unique photo and video sharing experience. It's a social app that uses keywords to connect like-minded people in similar networks, such as geolocations, colleges or high schools. We're helping people create new meaningful connections based on similar networks and interests. And we're focused on empowering people who share public self-expression or creativity to entertain or inspire the world.

You can use Dayflash to...

  • Connect with people, discover fresh photos—and be visually inspired.
  • Share photos in a unique and immersive fullscreen image display format—it makes your photos look more beautiful and lifelike than ever before.
  • Enjoy hashtagless discovery—add keywords to your account once, and that’s it.
  • Experience a faster and more immersive way to view and like the latest photos on your chronological Home feed (no algorithm!)
  • And, if you and your friends like great photos but don’t often create them yourselves, join a community of Reflashers who reflash great photos they love to their friends and followers, while bringing more visibility and appreciation to creators, and igniting conversation around their photos.

Dayflash is designed to be a beautiful addition to the tools people use today to share their world.